Police Portable MDVR


2.4"TFT police MDVR(M8001DVR)

• 2.4" TFT, resolution: 480 * 240
• Exquisite image, colour is real, provides prefect display effect
• Comfortable to be carried on hips, shoulders or handheld
• Overall the characteristics of both the practicial and concise design.
• IP65 Industrial level material
• Power on quickly

• Uses high speed processor with Linux OS, powerful CMS software
• Main device and camera separated design
• Lithium battery power supply, Working time >=5 hours
• Support GPS, 3G/4G and built-in WIF function
• Variety of network function, including real-time preview, remote playback, remote download, radio, intercom, message
• Support different transport quality
• 64G one micro-SD card
• IP intercom (optional)
• Support mobile control management platform (optional)
• Support charge on table (optional)


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