Mobile DVR


4-Channel HDD Mobile DVR(QH-MDVR8104H)

• Mobile surveillance system, MDVR
• 4-Channel HDD Mobile DVR(D1/HD1/CIF) optional
• H.264 video compression,Linux operation system,Dual streaming
• Support HDD Max 1TB and support SD card Max 128GB
• Vibration resistance solution
• Power-off working time can still work 8 seconds and 30 minutes with built-in UPS power-supply
• Support external Vehicle travelling data protected box for data protection.

System Language Chinese/ English
Operation system Linux
Operation interface Graphical User interface(OSD menu)
Password  User /Admin password
Control mode IR remote control
Video Video input 4-ch video composite input
Video output 1-ch composite output
Display mode Single/ 4-ch video
Video compression H.264 Main profile
PAL:100f at D1/s, NTSC: 120f at D1/s
Video Signal NTSC,PAL
Audio Audio input 4-ch audio input
Audio output 1-ch audio output
Recording mode Audio & Video sync Recording
Phone Support IP call and analog voice call 
Image processing & storage Image format mode CIF/HD1/D1 optional
Video stream Stardard ISO14496-10
Video bitrate CIF: 1536Kbps ~ 128Kbps,4 levels optional. 
Highest:0 level; Lowest: 3 level
HD1: 2048Kbps ~ 512Kbps,4 levels optional.  
Highest:0 level; Lowest: 3 level
D1: 4Mbps ~ 1Mbps,4 levels optional.  
Highest:0 level; Lowest: 3 level
Audio Bitrate 8KB/s
Storage Built-in a SATA HDD,support HDD Max 1TB;
And built-in a SD card,Support SD card Max 128GB;
Alarm  Alarm input 8 alarm input,below 4V is low level alarm 4V,above 4V are high level alarm
Alarm output 2 alarm output,output high level:12V
Communication Interface RS485 Interface Support 3-RS485 interface
RS232 Interface Support 1-RS232 interface
WIFI Interface Support RJ45 interface external 802.11b/g   
USB interface Include 2 USB interfaces,1 USB interface connect with external Vehicle
mobile Black data box, another USB interface to upgrade software and copy data.
Audio & Video interface Support Audio and Video output
Acceleration Sensor Built in acceleration G-Sensor
Module  GPS GPS module. GPS Graph and GPS speed can be read
in coding flow, and can be uploaded via wireless
WIFI RJ45 interface outer WIFI 802.11b/g,n
Software PAS(Playback Analysis Software) Playback Recording on PC, and analyze the vehicle recording information.
CMS(Center Management Software) Center management software to meet Video preview,
upload and central command and parameters configuration,etc.
Software upgrade U-disk upgrade directly.



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